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Cellalab™ slides offers the Routine or Research laboratory reliably prepared ANCA  multi-well microscope slides.

Neutrophils are deposited onto the 10 wells available under centrifugation. This centrifugation is important as it allows for excellent presentation of cellular substrates with the cells presented in a well separated monolayer.

  • Excellent cellular morphology –our tests show  better results than current commercially bought slides owing to the centrifugation and patented Cellablock system
  • Staining advantages and efficiencies using multi-well preparation system
  • Cellalab is a reliable OEM supplier of ANCA slides to major brand companies
  • We would be very pleased to receive your enquiry
  • We will  protect your brand name by giving good service and consistent slides
  • We understand modern marketing- high reliability and partnership with suppliers


We can make your ANCA slides AND we boast probably better than you can! Why not use us as your OEM ANCA slide maker? Contact us today!
We offer a reliable source of ANCA slides to leading brand laboratory supply companies. Please note that we no longer offer the cellablock kit. After five years testing and development we now offer manufacturing runs as an OEM producer of ANCA slides. These are Ethanol fixed only. Currently we are unable to do Formalin fixation.


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